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Mission Centers of Houston 2015 Ministry Summary

Mission Centers of Houston2015 was a year filled with great ministry and Hope Now. Take a look at the lives touched by your giving, serving and prayers. 17,469 people were fed through our Food Pantries; 630 Homebound food deliveries and pastoral visit were made.   |   posted 02/04/2016 (read full report)

Spiritual Renewal in the Criminal Justice System

Celebrating New Life in ChristUBA celebrates the baptism of 12 men who found new life in Christ as a recent Freedom Weekend. Over 140 inmates participated in the prayer & worship services. Two ex-offenders who are graduates from the Organic School for Church Planters at the Wynne Unit were program speakers and encouragers. A UBA consultant reports that many of the men who were baptized had been members of rival gangs. God is indeed at work in our prison systems.  |  posted 10/09/2015  (read more

Inmates Growing in Christ

Criminal Justice MinistryThe Terrell Unit is averaging 150 inmates weekly in their discipleship program, Organic School for Church Planters. Over 50 have applied for the fall groups beginning in October at the Wynne Unit in Huntsville where 14 graduates of the training will be co-trainers with volunteers. New classes are beginning in 5 of our area prisons.   |   posted 09/28/2015 

Crushed by Guilt; Saved by Grace 

prison barsC.N. is a 41 year old inmate in one of our prisons who has served 23 years on a 30 year sentence after being convicted of murder. He is now one of the participants in the House Church Training Program for inmates. Read his testimony of how he journeyed from practicing satanic rituals to accepting the amazing grace of God.    |   posted 08/19/2015         

Crackers & Apples

Margie Randall, UBA Missionary to the City serving refugees in southwest Houston, thanks God for 'crackers and apple slices' as she works with a volunteer to feed 14 hungry children with ramen noodles, crackers, and apples.   |   posted 07/16/2015  (read more of "Margie's Days")          

Open Door at Darrington Unit in Rosharon

God is at work opening a door to ministry in the Darrington Unit in Rosharon. The Warden has taken the initiative to request that Freedom Weekend, a ministry of Free Indeed Church implemented at the Wynne Unit as “The Lock-in” by retired Warden Vernon Pittman, be conducted at Darrington in January of 2016. A twelve week spiritual preparation process for the Lock-in will start in September. To prepare the prison unit for the Spiritual Encounter, David Valentine, pastor of Covenant House Fellowship in Huntsville, will conduct a Life Transformation Group training in August. For more information on how you can participate in this Spiritual Transformation process .  Email info@ubahouston.org    |   revised 08/18/2015                                          

Baptisms at Jester 3 Unit, Fort Bend County

UBA celebrates the baptisms of 15 men in the Jester 3 Unit during the recent Freedom Weekend of worship and Bible study provided by prison ministry volunteers. 20 volunteers from 8 Houston area congregations made this event possible while family members were allowed to attend worship with the inmates for a Sunday worship service.  Read the testimony of God at work written by UBA Consultant, Rickie Bradshaw.   |   posted 05/28/2015 

Discipleship Development

UBA celebrates the commitment of congregations such as Iglesia Bautista Del Redentor which hosts the Instituto Biblico Ministerial, currently providing access this Spring Semester to theological and practical church ministry training to 39 students from 7 participating congregations.    |   posted 05/08/2015

Baptisms at Pact Unit, Navasota Prison

Baptism in PrisonUBA celebrates the baptisms of 23 men in the Navasota Pack Unit who are embarking on a journey of new Life in Christ. Pray for these men and for those who commit their time weekly to disciple and pray for these men and their families.  (Read more)   |   posted 05/04/2015  

Freedom & Responsibility

UBA celebrates the release and return to Houston of two graduate of the Wynne Unit School for Church Planters. Pray for these men to find a strong, supportive community of faith as they continue their commitment of discipleship.   |   posted 04/30/2015 

Through the UBA Mission Centers of Houston

UBA MCH Hope NowUBA celebrates new life in Christ for 4 individuals who have come to know Christ through the ministries of the UBA Mission Centers of Houston. During 2015 an average of 106 children weekly are in Kids Club; 3,000 individuals have received assistance through the Food Pantries; and the ESL class at Fletcher is thriving.   |   posted 03/13/2015

Among Extremely High-Risk & Hard to Reach People

Bible in HandUBA celebrates the report of 2 refugees from countries where Christianity is in the minority who approached a volunteer and asked to know how to become followers of Jesus. Pray for them and those who disciple them as UBA can not always share public details about every place where we see God at work.   |   posted 02/16/2015 

As the UBA TPCC Ministry Brings Children & Youth to Faith in Christ

UBA celebrates the impact of the UBA Trinity Pines Conference Center ministries under the leadership of Phil Springer. During 2014, Trinity Pines experienced over 1,300 decisions for Christ. Pray that these new believers will grow in faith and practice as they learn to be disciples of Christ.   |   posted 02/13/2015

As Parolees Start Bible Studies for Other Parolees

Man PrayingPray for ex-offender/parolees from several of our local prison units who have been invited to assist in starting Life Change Groups for other parolees in a couple of our parole districts. This ministry is a first of its kind in the parole system, reports Consultant Rickie Bradshaw.   | posted 02/13/2015

As the Houston's Inner City Experiences Hope Now

The UBA Mission Centers of Houston with Executive Director Ginger Smith continues to serve the under-resourced of Houston's Inner City through ESL classes, food distribution, kids clubs, afterschool mentoring, seniors programs, summer camps, and more. Through it all, the gospel of the love of Christ is shared. In 2014, 68 people professed Christ as Savior through the UBA MCH ministries. Pray for their continued discipleship and for the weekly volunteers who make this ministry possible.  Read the 2014 Report or Download a pdf copy. |  posted 01/28/2015 

As Mentors in Criminal Justice Ministry Reach Out

 UBA celebrates with Charles Culpepper and Bob McComas, volunteer mentors in the Pack Prison, as they led a group a 55 men to share experiences of the "God Conversations" that they had had since last they met. "The highlight of the reporting time was when one of our biggest hearted offenders who is very humble and meek shared the beautiful story of how he actually led a fellow offender to Christ and is now preparing this new Christian to be baptized." reported Charles Culpepper.   |   posted 01/27/2015

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