Celebrate with us the many ways that God is at work among our churches, our communities, and throughout the world.


New Transitional Home

UBA celebrates the opening of a new transitional home in the Sunnyside area sponsored by Eyes On Me. The director is one of the Wynne Unit School for Church Planters graduates. posted 12/06/2016

Day with Dads

In November, UBA Staff and Volunteers made it possible for selected inmates at the Wynne Prison Unit in Huntsville to spend a day with their children. There were stories, games, activities, and time to just spend looking into the face of a child and talking. Reports Sally Hinzie, "Thank you for praying. Your prayers made the difference. The day went smoothly - organized chaos - but we never lost control. All the families had great experiences.  All the families arrived safely." (Read Story) Posted 04/12/2016

Sowing & Watering

Margie shares how Kingsland Baptist Church opened the gym for the kids from the apartment where she serves. The kids enjoyed food, games, and lime green T-shirts. 29 kids from 5 nations with some from Hindu and Muslim families were present as one child was baptized. Margie says, "Thanks to all of you who have sown and watered seeds in M's heart for the past 4 years."

Not All About the Marshmallows

Summer Camps for kids are not just about hikes in the woods and roasting marshmallows. John Clayton, UBA Men's Ministry Coordinator, recently returned from the UBA RA/Challengers Discovery Camp at Trinity Pines. He celebrates the story of a somewhat troublesome kid who found Christ. The young man's journey to Christ was influenced by a Christian mentor/teacher at his school and also by the actions of a Student Counselor at the camp that week.  Celebrating God at Work in the lives of others through our lives.

Sowing to the Next Generation

Father to SonSally Hinzie, UBA Church Consultant, shares this story from Inside the Walls at the Wynne Unit in Huntsville, where volunteers weekly lead the men in small group discipleship studies: "G.W. [an inmate] has two teenage boys. He held up his Life Change Group (LCG) folder and said his boys are meeting with their school friends regularly using the LCG process. I asked G. how they got one, and replied he had sent it to them. It is awesome that our guys are starting groups outside with friends and family. Please join us in praying for G's 2 sons who are spending the month of June in Indonesia on a mission trip."

Free Indeed & Freedom Weekends

Celebrating New Life in ChristFreedom Weekends, designed to provide opportunities for prayer, confession, restoration and transformation to inmates in prison, grew out of Johnny Gentry's personal journey from drug addict, to inmate, to prison evangelist. Read more.

In Prison and You Visited

volunteer in prison ministryVolunteers from UBA congregations continue their faithful ministries in prisons throughout the Houston area with Prayer Boot Camps, Freedom Weekends, weekly small group training, and quarterly support group meetings for those who have been released. Lives are transformed and families are impacted. Pray for them.

Known By Love

Baptist Disaster ReliefJesus said this his disciples would be known by their love for others. Houston area churches have been hard at work loving others following the devastating flood in April. UBA celebrates the loving response of churches that have cooperated with Baptist Disaster Relief/Recovery Ministries, Samaritan's Purse, the Red Cross, and across denominations as hundreds have fanned out across affected areas providing water, meals, and mud-outs for affected buildings. (Learn how you can help.)

One Who Was Lost Is Found

celebrating baptismM.R. reports that J. was baptized. We celebrate this one baptism as Jesus celebrated the finding of the lost coin, the lost sheep, and the lost son in the parables in the book of Luke. The people among whom M.R. serves here in a Houston apartment complex are not often open to following Christ and may be persecuted or ostracized by others around them when they do.  Celebrate with J. and pray for him and for his neighbors and family members. 

Shoes, Diversity & Volunteers

Margie Randall (Director, Loaves & Fishes) celebrates the diversity represented at the apartment Garage Sale as men and women from Ethiopia, Eritrea, El Salvador, Mexico, Bhutan, and Afghanistan enjoyed shopping while the children made Valentines for their mothers. Thanks to Monument Baptist Church!

New Churches Reaching Communities

Home Church FamilyIn a recent home group meeting, over 1/3 of the 30 in attendance were not yet followers of Christ. Pray for this new congregation and for hearts to be made ready to hear the gospel and receive new life in Christ. posted 02/10/2016

Darrington Unit Freedom Weekend Spiritual Encounter

110 inmates participated in the Freedom Weekend Spiritual Encounter Lock-In led by Johnny Gentry, Derrick Davis, Clarence Williams, and about 20 additional volunteers. After graduation from SWBT Seminary, many of these inmates will be sent to start churches in other prisons across Texas. Pray for their continued spiritual development and for fruit from the harvest. posted 02/10/2016

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