Celebrating God at Work

Blood In Blood Out

Blood In Blood Out

Celebrating God at Work in and Through the Life of Cedric Powell

Cedric Powell became a Crip when he was 15 years old. As the years ticked off, Cedric saw more than 275 of his friends die; 150 before their twentieth birthday. At 21 years of age, he was charged with aggravated robbery and received a 65-year sentence without the possibility of parole.

While Cedric was in prison, God changed him. "I'm not a Crip anymore," he told 50 Crip members in the Rec Yard one day, "I live for Jesus Christ now."

Today, God has given Cedric Powell, 47, a steady job with a great boss, a wife and two sons, and a home. "There is no place you can go where God can't find you, " Cedric says.

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Reprinted by permission. Published by The Spirit Today. Vol 2, No 3, August 2016