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Sally Hinzie The Art of Bible StoryingThe Art of Bible Storying

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The Art of Bible Storying is designed to equip you with practical skills and training for sharing your faith naturally and easily with others in any setting. Learn to share the stories of Jesus and key stories of the Old Testament that engage others in knowing Christ more fully. 

UBA Church Consultant Sally Hinzie practices the art of storying regularly in personal as well as group settings. She has storied in Russia, in Africa, in Bible studies in her living room, in Houston apartment complexes, with small groups of incarcerated inmates, and in casual but meaningful conversations held over the dinner table with guests from places as far as China and Russia. She is both a teacher and a practitioner who deeply desires that all may know the joy of living life in the Light of Christ.

The stories of Jesus change lives. You can learn to share them.

The stories of Jesus change lives. They aren't just for children. They aren't just for missionaries in far away countries. This is a skill that you can learn and a tool that you can use.

Join Sally and learn more.

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