Communicating Difficult Messages


You hate it, but the time has come to have a difficult conversation.  It could be a recalcitrant staff member, an oppositional church leader, someone in the community, maybe even your own family. As much as you’d like not to do it, you know you must. 

How do you prepare yourself? What will you say? How should you frame the conversation?  How will you handle their responses, especially if they are negative, defensive or accusatory?

Though we must have these conversations more often than we’d like, most of us have never received guidance in how best to do it.  That’s where this seminar can help you.  You’ll learn how to prepare for the conversation, how to speak without alienating the other person and how to listen even when they respond defensively.  After practicing in a safe environment you’ll be emboldened to have difficult conversations in a more redemptive, constructive and God-honoring way.

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How to Handle Conflict Effectively

Tues Dec 5

9:00 am - 12:30 pm

UBA Large Conference Room

Phil Reynolds

Phil ReynoldsPhil Reynolds
Sr. Consulting Partner

The Ken Blanchard Companies

Phil is a Sr. Consulting Partner and Executive Coach with The Ken Blanchard Companies®. Phil offers expertise in personal leadership, teamwork, and executive development. He excels at helping senior leaders and teams work together more effectively in order to achieve strategic goals.

Prior to joining The Ken Blanchard Companies in 1998, Phil served as the pastor of White Oak Baptist Church and as an associate at Second Baptist Church where he continues to serve as a Sunday School teacher. Since leaving the pastorate Phil has gained industry experience in oil and gas, manufacturing, telecommunications, utilities, financial, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals. Phil is also the co-author of 21 Days to Becoming a Self Leader

About the Series

In this leadership series, If Only I'd Known, Phil will take the things he has learned from working with business leaders and share with us things he wished he had known when he was a pastor. This will be a unique opportunity for pastors and church leaders to learn from someone with significant real world experience who approaches leadership from a biblical perspective. 

 These are the final two sessions in a series of four offered in 2017.