The revitalization equation
In his book Reclaiming Glory: Revitalizing Dying Churches Mark Clifton asks this disruptive question: ”What about a dying church brings glory to God?”
The answer? Nothing! Yet more than half of the churches across the US are plateaued or declining. Consider this church—a composite of many I’ve talked with through the years. The church is without a pastor. They have been in decline for over twenty years. Their building is old; it’s all the members can do to pay the utilities each month. The demographic makeup of the community has changed. Though the folks who attend worship still live in the community, they don’t look like most of the folks they see in the neighborhood supermarket each week. They know they need to grow or they won’t survive. So they call and ask for help finding a pastor, because they believe if they just find the right pastor they’ll start to grow again. 
When I meet with them I share with them my revitalization equation: a skilled pastor + a willing congregation = the possibility of revitalization. While they think all they need is the right pastor, I remind them that the other part of the equation is just, perhaps even more critical. 
What is a willing congregation? What must they be willing to do?
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Questioning your church
Thom Rainer receives thousands of questions from pastors and church leaders each year.  A few days ago he released a list of the top ten questions pastors ask him.  Topping the list was this question:   Where do I begin to lead my church toward revitalization? 

With 70%-80% of congregations nationwide either plateaued or declining it’s no wonder churches would be concerned about revitalization.  (Interestingly, the UBA video on “The Hard Work of Church Revitalization” is one of the most watched videos on our website.)

How can you know if your church is plateaued or declining?
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Celebrating 175 years!

The local church is the hope of the world. The association exists to enhance the work of the local church and to multiply its effect by bringing churches together to do more than they could do individually or separately. For 175 years that has been the legacy of Union Baptist Association. . . .

We face the significant challenge of reaching our rapidly-growing, highly diverse city with the gospel of Christ. Throughout the years UBA has adapted to become what churches needed it to be in order to support their work and we will continue to do so.

Our context may change. Our strategy may change, but the mission of the association will remain the same-to support the work of UBA churches as they fulfill their Great Commission responsibilities. Read full post here.