Congregational Status

Membership Requirements

  • Constitution as a church (unconstituted sponsored new church starts may affiliate under sponsorship of a member congregation for first 12 months);
  • Affirmation that the church has embraced, and is practicing, beliefs consistent with one of the Baptist Faith and Messages (review BFM versions here);
  • Commitment to the pursuit of the vision of UBA;
  • Commitment to the support of the Association through regular financial offerings; (Set up congregational donations online here.)
  • Completion of a 12-month 'watchcare' or 'sponsored new church' status prior to confirmation as full members


  • Messengers are the representatives from qualified cooperating churches, elected or appointed by their congregations to represent the congregation in the Quarterly Associational Meetings where business related to the Association is conducted.
  • Each qualified cooperating church may elect/appoint a minimum of 5 messengers or a maximum of 15 messengers depending on the size of the congregation.

Qualified Cooperating Congregations

  • Constituted member congregations are identified as "qualified, cooperating congregations" and may elect/appoint messengers if the following criteria have been met:
    • The congregation has contributed financially to the Association within the past 12 months; and
    • The congregation has turned in a statistical report (ACP) within the past 12 months indicating the number of individuals attending worship.

To verify status of the congregation, please contact

Giving & Reporting

UBA Churches,

UBA Bylaws stipulate two conditions that a member congregation must meet in order to seat messengers and weigh in on important decisions:

1) Giving Financially (Give)

2) Reporting Worship Attendance (Report)

Please check your records or contact to confirm your congregational status to seat messengers.

 Mobilizing Churches to Take on Lostness

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