2017 Summer Missionary Interns

Mission Centers of Houston Summer Missionary Interns

The Mission Centers of Houston Summer Missionary Interns arrived the last of May and have been hard at work this summer. Sally Hinzie, UBA Church Consultant, escorted them on a Houston City Tour allowing them to experience the diversity of Houston first-hand. Shown here at a local Hindu temple, they also had the opportunity to experience a Buddhist meditation garden and a Muslim mosque. Continue to be in prayer for our Missionary Interns as they complete their Houston summer experience. 

Tackling Hunger

 As the Super Bowl approaches, UBA MCH Director Jeff Chadwick and Tom Billings, UBA Executive Director, talk about the concerns of hunger and food anxiety in the Houston area. Your donations to the Mission Centers enable this ministry to more effectively tackle hunger in these under-resourced neighborhoods. Donate to Tackle Hunger.

MCH 2016 Ministry Response

During the 2016 year the Mission Centers of Houston ministries and staff have served both the physical and spiritual needs of families in the surrounding communities. Lives were touched by your giving, serving and prayers.

  • 633 homebound food deliveries and pastoral visits made to senior adults
  • 216 homeless neighbors served with hygiene items, food and clothing
  • Over 100 children and youth weekly attended after-school activities
  • over 126 senior citizens weekly attended a Bible-based program where the received a hot meal, heard God's word preached and were blessed with groceries to take home
  • In partnership with a church that meets at one of our centers, 19 people received Christ as Lord and Savior at an evangelistic rally this past summer
  • 66 families and 231 children were blessed by our Christmas Stores
  • Several teenagers in our community served as ministry interns at our centers
  • 60 youth were able to attend a summer camp where several of them made first time and re-commitment decisions to follow Jesus Christ
  • Half our volunteers now come from the communities we serve. We believe in partnering with our neighbors in our ministry to bring true change to our city.

Jeff Chadwick, UBA MCH Executive Director

Support the Mission Centers

Through the UBA Mission Centers of Houston, UBA extends opportunities for education, empowerment, and sustainability to neighbors of all ages while encouraging them to know and follow Christ.

STILL NEEDED:  VOLUNTEER KIDS CLUB TEACHERS needed for after-school Kids Club activities. (details)

UBA Mission Centers of Houston

Jeff Chadwick

Executive Director, UBA MCH

 Jeff Chadwick serves as the Executive Director of the UBA Mission Centers of Houston. Jeff brings a background that combines business experience with pastoral experience and a heart of missions. Jeff has been on the field since April 1, 2016, and is deeply committed to bringing Hope Now to families and neighbors in the Mission Centers area.

Mission Centers News & Updates

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