Mobilizing Churches to Take on Lostness

Learn more about the opportunities offered through UBA and the key actions of the UBA staff as they allocate resources of time, energy, finances, and personal development to join God where He is at work to equip and mobilize congregations to effectively share the gospel with their communities.


Day With Dads: The annual Day With Dads at the Wynne Unit in Huntsville provides approved inmates with the opportunity to spend extended time with their children and family. This year 19 families were privileged to participate with8 volunteers coordinated by Sally Hinzie.


Organic Church Planting School: 11 trainers and 18 graduates celebrated the completion of the training curriculum.

Darrington Prison Family Day was a great success with 175 individuals participating allowing families to spend time with inmates.

Church Revitalization Bootcamp provided an introduction to the revitalization process. Tom Billings, Josh Ellis, and Keelan Cook facilitated.


Hurricane Harvey Recovery: UBA Consultants have focused on the needs of pastors, congregations, and the community as the recovery from the Hurricane Harvey floods continue.

Freedom Weekend: The Freedom Weekend at the Clemons Unit, which houses primarily young offenders ranging in age from 13 to 30s, was attended by 75 inmates with 20 Volunteers from cooperating churches: Free Indeed; First Southwest, Grace International, Covenant Fellowship, and Gateway Community. Freedom Weekend is a spiritual renewal and discipleship experience.

August 2017

Spiritual Foundations: Devotional Practices for Daily Life offered the opportunity to experience and learn about several devotional practices. Led by Erika Brunson, Sally Hinzie, and Dian Kidd.

Organic Church Planting School for inmates at the Wynne Unit in Huntsville continues to impact men and develop leaders. Consultant Sally Hinzie reports 18 guys on the inside and 13 in the Trustee Camp processing storing evangelism and church planting with the EE-TAOW video.

PLADES the bi-monthly meeting for hispanic church planters and existing church pastors focused the August meeting on stories and skills of church planting.

July 2017

The Leadership Cohort provides networking and learning opportunities for 10 pastors and church leaders who participate. Led by Josh Ellis & Keelan Cook.

Spiritual Foundations: Introduction to the Enneagram, led by Krissi Vandagriff, provided 39 participants with a deeper understanding of who we are and how we relate to one another and to God.

7 Habitos de la Gente Altamente Efectiva, led by Consultant Campo Londoño, provides leadership skills and development in this 7 session seminar. 15 attending.

June 2017

Partnerships with Local Schools: Loving Houston led 25 participants in how to develop a ministry partnership with a local school. For upcoming trainings, check here.

Prayer for the City: The City Prayer March in Fifth Ward was forced inside due to heavy rains and flooding in the area; however, many continued to participate in the prayers for the transformation of the city. Some Prayer Stations were able to remain open.

Human Trafficking Awareness Summit attended by UBA Consultants Rickie Bradshaw & Victor Marte drew about 100 concerned individuals in attendance.

Spiritual Foundations: Spiritual Disciplines for Personal Growth, led by Trisha Taylor, provided participants with a deeper understanding of how adults learn and put into practice spiritual disciplines that deepen their relationship with God, June 15.

Plades: Hispanic pastors, leaders, church planters and potential church planters gather bi-monthly to network and explore ways of strengthening the missional vision of the church. PLADES UBA te invita a la conferencia: ¿Que reforma queda pendiente?, Parte 2, con el Dr. William Beckham

May 2017

School for Organic Church Planting: The weekly meetings with participants of the Wynne Unit School for Organic Church Planting continues with volunteers rotating on Monday nights to lead the men in studies of Bible Storying, Developing Disciples, Spiritual Formation, and Leadership Skills. In May, they were practicing their Bible Storying skills with 8 participating in the trustee camp and 18 inside the walls. 

Spiritual Foundations:  Ryan Jesperson led about 50 pastors and church leaders to consider the impact of spiritual disciplines on the revitalization of the church. See video.

Glocal Movilization was the topic among Hispanic congregations gathered for the Retiro Enlace Glocal with just over 120 pastors and leaders in attendance, May 5 & 6.

Community Transformation continued as priority with the Pray Houston Steering Committee developing plans for on-going prayer for revival and spiritual awakening.

If Only I'd Known: The series continued with Phil Reynolds leading Session 2 on the critical task of Building Trust, May 2.

April 2017

The Art of Bible Storying, led by Sally HInzie, equips participants with practical skills and training for sharing their faith naturally and easily with others in any setting. Watch Video

Prison Ministry: Crosswalk Ministries hosted the  TDCJ Volunteer Orientation making it possible for volunteers to gain the credentials needed for ministry within the prison system.

Leadership Café, led by Josh Ellis, explores the challenges of leading in a world where cultures collide daily. Learn how to expand your cross-cultural leadership competencies. View Video

Day With DadsDay with Dads provided some special time for inmates in the Wynne Unit in Huntsville to spend with their children. In April, 15 inmates, 15 parents/guardians, and 19 children were served by the UBA staff and volunteers making this possible. Read about the 2016 Day with Dads.

2017, more of UBA in Action

2016 UBA in Action

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The Real Work of the Association

Josh Ellis - Together we can do more.The association is a collaboration of churches who believe we can do more together than can be done apart.

That's all well and good on paper and in theory. But, what does it mean on a daily basis? What's the real work of the association?

Harris County grows by about 100,000 people every year. That means that about 2,000 new people need to hear about Jesus every week. On any given week, those 2,000 people can be immigrants, refugees, ex-offenders, business relocations, and babies in hospitals. On any given week, new people groups and languages may come to Houston for the first time or add to ethnic groups already here, complementing what is already the most diverse metro area in the country. Buckle up, because next week a different 2,000 people will be here, and every foreseeable week after.
The real work of the association is working together to make sure that no one gets missed. It takes everyone. No church can do it alone. So we add our strengths to the strengths of others, thereby relieving us of the impossible task and overwhelming burden of meeting every need all by ourselves.

We ask questions, discover learning, hone strategies, and equip each other for the task ahead. And we do it together, because it can't be done any other way. That's the real work of the association.

His Servant & Yours,
Josh Ellis, PhD
UBA Associate Director