Demographic/Statistical Information

  • Houston Diversity Project: A blog designed to provide you with current information about the changing face of Houston and surrounding area. Your one-stop shop for the most recent news concerning the changing demographics of the greater Houston area.
  • Center for Missional Research:  Order and download detailed demographic reports for your community; search more than 1,000 pieces of downloadable info in the church and culture fact file; research and connect with people groups across North America; connect online to a missional network; explore the latest news about culture, communities, churches, and networks of churches in North America.
  • Houston Police Department :    You may use this site to view the crime statistics in your area, learn about the divisions within HPD, request a copy of a police report, read current news releases, get crime prevention, missing person, and employment information and more. 
  • Houston Profile :  Project Community research by neighborhoods organized into Community Study Areas (CSAs).
  • Sentinel Group :    A Christian research and information agency dedicated to helping the Church pray knowledgably for global evangelization and enabling communities to discover the pathway to genuine revival and societal transformation.

City Transformation

  • To Transform a City Conference with Eric Swanson and Sam Williams provides challenging insights on reaching a city with the Good News.  View video conference on UBAHouston You Tube.  Download presentation and notes here.
  • Understanding World Religions provides insights on communicating with friends and neighbors of major world religions
  • People Group Research provides insights and information for understanding and communicating with those who have not yet received the message of Good News.