Children & Youth At Risk

Learn the facts about Growing Up in Houston (online magazine).  Published by Children at Risk, the 2014-2016 booklet provides pages of extensive research and statistics on risk factors impacting Harris County and Texas children.  Issues of poverty, food insecurity, teen pregnancy, child abuse, and more are addressed.  Just a few sample facts from the Growing Up in Houston 2014-16 study are listed below. (download pdf here)

  • 25% of Harris County children live below the federal poverty line;
  • 4,800 children in Harris County are in foster care every month.
  • 31% of HISD students reported being currently sexually active. 

Warning signs of abuse & neglect may include changes in mood, changes in eating habits, lack of personal hygiene.  Learn more from Joyful at Heart Foundation.  (click)

Learn the facts about reporting suspected child (or elder) abuse here at the Department of Family and Protective Services.

Find the Runaway Hotline number (1-800-621-4000) and more here at Help for Children and Youth

VOLUNTEER with at-risk youth. Explore these organizations and find your place to serve.