Your Story - God's Story

John Witte, former missionary with the IMB and teaching pastor at Bandera Road City Church, San Antonio, TX, is passionate about the importance of telling God's story effectively in all situation.  He provides in-depth training on how to connect your personal spiritual journey to God's story of grace as you talk with others about the good news of life in Christ.

John Witte teaching a 2012 Conference on Bible Storying at UBA.  Follow  John on Twitter @jb_witte


SESSION 1: John Witte defines the levels of literacy from illiterate to high literacy with applications to our culture and the church. 


SESSION 2:  John Witte discusses the importance of communication, relationship, and production in effective communication.  


SESSION 3:  John Witte & Sally Hinzie illustrate the technique of storying, group re-telling, and group dialogue about the story within the context of culture. 


SESSION 4: Connecting My Story to Their Story with God's Story: Know the basic set of 13 gospel stories; know your own story; harvest other people's stories; Identify Key Issues of others & learn a biblical story.


SESSION 5: Witte illustrates how "the Spirit of God can use the Word of God with the people of God in small community to help [individuals] change." Journey Process Group


SESSION 6: John Witte continues to explain the process of helping people make wise decisions; explains Life Group process, a small group process.


SESSION 7: Skills for teaching the Bible for change. Me/We/God connections in story telling. Question:  What should change? 


SESSION 8: Skills for teaching the Bible for change. Continues the Me/We/God applications for change.  "If this is true, then what do we have to do?"


SESSION 9: Brief conclusion to seminar.

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