Shop Responsibly

Support Fair Trade

Shopping responsibly offers an rather unique personal choice as an individual to "volunteer" to support fair trade items with our purchases. The organizations and movements below offer opportunity to shop responsibly and contribute to the good of others while doing so.

Coffee, cotton products, chocolate, and electronics are among the items that may be associated with labor trafficking practices in the world.  Be a savvy shopper.

  • Advent Conspiracy:  Endorsed by congregations of many denominations, the Advent Conspiracy promotes spending less at Christmas time in order to give more money to worth missions causes.
  • Free the Captives: Purchase these beautiful, fragrant hand-poured candles and support a non-profit anti-trafficking organization providing jobs for teen-aged young women rescued from trafficking situations.
  • Mueva Coffee:  A direct trade coffee business from which the UBA Office buys our coffee.
  • Threads By Nomad: Founded by Nell Green and her daughter Christen Kinard, Threads by Nomad sources fabric across the globe and employs refugees in the United States to produce the clothing and gift items.
  • WorldCrafts: Endorsed by the WMU, WorldCrafts develops sustainable, fair-trade businesses among impoverished people around the world. WorldCrafts artisan groups seek to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of their workers in a holistic approach.  World Crafts Mission:  to develop sustainable, fair-trade business among impoverished people around the world.