The Art of Storytelling by John Walsh (Moody Publishers, 2003)

If you are an experienced speaker, you can sharpen your communication skills to a new intensity. If you are just beginning to develop your speaking skills, this will enhance your ability, enjoyment , and effectiveness. 

Basic Bible Storying by J.O. Terry (2008)

This book points the reader toward the many new opportunities for the sharing the Bible stories in evangelistic and ministry strategies and the means by the Bible Storyers can meet these opportunities.

Ministry in an Oral Culture: Living With Will Rogers, Uncle Remus, & Minnie Pearl by Tex Sample (Westminister/John Knox Press, 1994)

This book will help pastors educated in the literate culture of academia bridge the cultural gap between them and those in their congregations who verbalize their faith in proverbs and stories.

Story Journey: An Invitation to the Gospel as Storytelling by Thomas E. Boomershine (Abingdon Press - 1988)

In Story Journey, you will discover a complete guide to mastering the basics of biblical storytelling. Step by step, the reader is shown how to lead listeners on a vivid, personal journey through Jesus' life.


ION (International Orality Network) website with resources, story sets, and conference information

Orality Strategies:  IMB (International Mission Board) website with resources and information

 CBF Field Personnel Butch & Nell Green provide webinar instruction on Chronological Bible Storying skills as well as links to Story Sets for Evangelism and Sharing the Heart of God.

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