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Jerry Wiles Stories of the Thirsty

Dr. Jerry Wiles, President Emeritus of Living Water International, is a skilled trainer in the art of orality.

 Having long been a practitioner and trainer in the orality movement globally, Dr Wiles increasingly sees the impact that the skills of orality can have on the U.S. culture as well.  Select from the list at the right to read some of his articles on the skills, impact, and importance of orality. 

 Orality Training Workshops with Jerry Wiles

Discover why leaders today are saying that the Orality Movement is transformation in church history and one of the most significant developments in Kingdom advance in the past 500 years. In the Orality Training Workshops, you can learn how just 5 stories of Jesus can be used to communicate the power of the Good News to those you encounter in daily life. (Click Here for next Workshop)


  Can you learn something new in Orality Training?

Elaine Bleakney, Sunday School teacher for many years and a follower of Christ for over 55 years, had this to say about the Orality Workshop with Dr. Wiles: 

 "The training in storying by Jerry Wiles was one of my best investments. This has enriched my personal growth. I know I will be able to go even deeper. The principles learned and further developed mean that I am always at ready. I will be better prepared to spontaneously draw an applicable narrative to address the need of these individuals as God gives divine appointment. The storying training by Jerry Wiles has sharpened me. I'm excited and grateful for his help."  Elaine Bleakney

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