UBA Equipping Institute

Discovering What Works - April 16, 2016

Track 1: Security

Jerry PhillipsJerry Phillips:  Making Church Security Work (Video)

A look a current events reminds us how important safety procedures in the church are today. Jerry has participated in several training conferences on Church Security and heads up security for Covenant Church where he also serves as Minister of Missions. Jerry is deeply involved in the prison ministry through the church. With his background in enforcement and additional training in the area of church security, Jerry gives some practical pointer on how to develop more effective security procedures and practices that work for the smaller church on a limited budget.

Session 1: Making Church Security Work: Key Concerns (pdf)

Session 2 : Making Church Security Work: When the Unthinkable Happens (pdf)


Track 2: Bivocational

Rickie & Dale Bradshaw: Making Bivocational Work

The bivocational pastor may find the struggle to make personal spiritual growth and quality time with family not just in conflict with but in all-out  war with the responsibilities of ministry and a week-day job. Rickie Bradshaw, church planter pastor and UBA Church Consultant, and his wife, Dale, mom, grandmother, and active ministry leader in her church, know these struggles well. Join us as the share how to make bivocational ministry work for you and your family.

Session 1: Making Bivocational Work: Putting God in the Center & Balancing the Rest (pdf)

Session 2: Making Bivocational Work: The Art of Delegating


Track 3: Teams 

Dian KiddDian Kidd: Building Effective Teams

Dian Kidd and Sally Hinzie team up to present this 2-part conference on creating and maintaining effective teams. Dian is the Associate Director of UBA and leads the consultant team.

Session 1: Making Teams Work: Building Effective Teams (pdf)

Sally Hinzie: Motivating Volunteers for the Long Term

Join us as we explore the elements of strong teams and what it takes to keep teams motivated and serving for the long term.  Sally is a UBA Church Consultant with a broad range of experience in practical ministry and volunteer teams.

Session 2: Making Teams Work: Motivating Volunteers for the Long Term (pdf)

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VIDEO: Making Church Security Work

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