Mike Bonem

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De-Adulting: Becoming an Optimistic Coach
You have undoubtedly had the experience of being with a small child who called attention to someone who was different. The difference may have been due to skin color, physical impairment or some other factor. Inevitably, the child’s parent is embarrassed, but the child sees nothing wrong with what he said. He wasn’t making a […]
De-Adulting: From Control to Trust
This is the third blog in a series on how leaders can become more effective by “de-adulting.” If “adulting” is the process of a young adult learning to take care of himself, then that it’s easy to see how “being responsible” can quickly lead to “being in control.” Some people learned this lesson long before […]

Thom Rainer

President and CEO of Lifeway Christian REsources (website) Follow @ThomRainer

Five Fascinating Lessons from a “Secret” Guest in Church Worship Services
The guests showed up, but they never returned. Has that ever happened in your church? You speak with someone who is visiting the first time. You try to be friendly. But you never see them again.
12 Metrics for Church Assessment – Rainer on Leadership #312
Churches can measure so many things—giving, attendance, involvement and much more. But what should they measure?

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