Mike Bonem

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Your Next Hire Can Bring Strategic Clarity
The title of this blog may lead you to think that my theme is the value that a fresh set of eyes can bring to strategic decisions. And while I know this to be true, I’m more interested in the benefit that you can gain during the hiring process, before you’ve even met that next […]
Growing Young
I recently had the opportunity to not only read Growing Young, but to hear one of the authors, Jake Mulder, speak to a group of executive pastors for which I am the facilitator. I’ve been part of countless conversations in which the overarching question is, “How can our church reach young adults?” I’m thankful that […]

Thom Rainer

President and CEO of Lifeway Christian REsources (website) Follow @ThomRainer

How to Make Your Ministry Résumé Stand Out – Rainer on Leadership #323
Ministry résumés are a frequent topic for questions. So on today's episode we discuss all the details that go into a good résumé.
Four Elements of a Successful Podcast
For those of you who have a podcast or want to start one, these are four most important things to focus on with your show.

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