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No Naked Decisions
You may remember the fable of the emperor’s new clothes by Hans Christian Andersen. The emperor is convinced to wear fine “clothes” that can only be seen by those of noble birth. His officials, not wanting to be accused of being anything other than nobility, keep the game going as they fawn over the new […]
Breaking Rules
I’ve been troubled by a story I recently read about the suspension (and probable termination) of a high school principal, apparently for some minor rule infractions. This principal came out of retirement to lead a troubled school with low performance and a high dropout rates. During her decade at the helm, every performance measure for […]

Thom Rainer

President and CEO of Lifeway Christian REsources (website) Follow @ThomRainer

Seven Observations from Church Replanters Who’ve Been There and Done That – Revitalize & Replant #005
Replanting—like all of ministry—is hard work. It's also hard to recognize success as it comes. Today, we look back on seven reminders for those interested in replanting.
Five Unintended Consequences of Short Pastoral Tenure
While some circumstances do call for quick pastoral turnover, it’s hard not to wonder if some churches fire their pastor (or the pastor bails) too quickly.

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