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The Power of Dialogue
“I may just have to hold my nose and vote ‘yes.'” The comment was made by a U.S. congressperson in anticipation of a vote on a contentious issue. This troubling statement is indicative of a broad problem that has infected our society. You may think the issue is people who won’t stand for their convictions, […]
Creating Peak Moments
In my last blog, I reviewed The Power of Moments, the new book by Dan and Chip Heath. They explain that the trajectories of our lives are shaped by memorable moments. But more importantly, they also contend that we can be more intentional in creating moments for ourselves and those we lead. An important aspect […]

Thom Rainer

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Pray for Olivet Baptist Church
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii Pastor: Jamie McElrath Weekly Worship: 10:30 AM, Hawaiian Fast Facts: Olivet Baptist Church was founded 91 years ago as Mission Church. God displayed His blessings in many ways in those early days. Even as the shadows of the impending conflict of World War 2 grew longer and longer, God blessed Mission Church […]
Notable Voices and the Week in Review: December 16, 2017
Christmas, Billy Graham, False Teachers, Bivocational Ministry, Mistakes, Social Media

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