Mike Bonem

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Asking the Right Leadership Questions
I received a promotional email that included this quote: “Every leader is asking two questions: How can we grow? How can we grow faster?” I disagree – on many levels. First, I don’t believe that every leader is asking these questions. Certainly some are, but others are asking “How can we rebuild?” or “How can […]
Before You Lead, Try Some “Pre-Leadership”
Running is my favorite exercise. And while I enjoy running, I don’t enjoy stretching beforehand. As I’ve gotten older and minor injuries have become more common, I have discovered that pre-run stretching is essential. In the same way, you may need to pay attention to some pre-leadership activities. When we think of leadership, we focus […]

Thom Rainer

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Notable Voices and the Week in Review: June 24, 2017
Small Churches, Bible Reading, Pastoral Sanity, Mediocrity, Church Websites, Burn Out
Five Danger Signs in Churches – Rainer on Leadership #339
If any of these danger signs are present in your church, you need to take note. They can signal decline, dead theology, or even death of the church.

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