Compass Initiative

Dr. Jerry Edmonson, Founding and Lead Pastor of The Fellowship, invites you to a day of caring for your soul: a monthly retreat for ministers. First Thursday of every month.

Subject: When was last time you heard God speak?

Pure chaos! That’s how I would describe the other day when my phone was ringing, the TV was blaring, our dogs were barking and my precious three grandsons (all under 5) showed up banging on my front door. It was pandemonium and believe it or not it was happening while I was trying to “be alone with God!” Who am I kidding? There is so much noise in my world (not all of it bad), it’s just all happening at the same time I am desperately wanting to hear God speak to me into my life, ministry, dreams, and more.

I don’t know if that resonates with you, but I have found that I desperately need to carve out time and space away from the competing voices of my world in order to more clearly hear God speak. So, what if there was one day a month where you could get away, slow down, listen, reflect and discern the voice of God in your life? What if that time could help you grow as a pastor and leader? What if you could spend a day experiencing the ancient spiritual disciplines of solitude, silence, prayer, meditation and more? What could happen in your life, your family, your ministry, your leadership?

I want to personally invite you to a day of caring for your soul. A day (9 a.m. to 2 p.m.) of listening, reflection, dialogue and discernment. The rhythm of the retreat is that we gather together, listen to a challenging thought, spend two or more hours in solitude and reflection, lunch, share what we are hearing in a small group and then gather back together in a large group before we go. Want more time to be still, to hear God speak? You can arrive at the Cenacle as early as 8 a.m. and stay as late as 6 p.m. 

So, this is your personal invitation to join me on the first Thursday of the month beginning September 1st. Check out the dates, location and sign up here

Click here for a map to the Cenacle Retreat House. 

On the Journey Together in 2017,

Dr. Jerry Edmonson, Founding and Lead Pastor

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