Envisioning the Future of On-Campus Collegiate Ministries, 2020

Originally produced in 2006, this scenario set forecasts the future of collegiate ministries. A lot has happened since it was written. For instance, there's a reference to "TiVo" in the opening paragraph. But, spend a few minutes reading to see what we got right and what we got wrong, and perhaps the utility of having those revelations almost a decade ago will help reinforce why scenarios are useful.

"A scenario set involving on-campus collegiate ministries for the year 2020 is predicated on meeting the needs of a generation whose elders are in kindergarten but whose majority members are still in diapers. To imagine what collegiate ministries will look like in 2020 requires looking at the students who will be attending college in that year and what forces were instrumental in their childhood and adolescent development..." See the full report here.