People Group Research

Dr. Orville Boyd Jenkins describes a people group as an ethno-linguistic group with a common self identity that is shared by the various members. Essentially, a people group is any group that has a unique, self-determined worldview. Factors in determining what constitutes a worldview are language, ethnicity, common self-name, sense of common identity, common history, customs, or family and clan identities.

The UBA's purpose in people group research is to identify all of greater Houston's people groups in an effort to promote cross-cultural understanding and relationships and to assist or initiate a church planting movement among every people group. We believe that every person deserves an opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ in their heart language, and that providing such an opportunity is inherently a part of our Great Commision responsibilities.

As of June 2013, Houston is home to more than 345 people groups. The Houston population speaks at least 220 different languages and hails from at least 140 different countries around the world.

If you are interested in learning more about your community, helpful resources and links can be found on the UBA research links page. Continue to check here for periodic updates and reports of the ongoing research efforts.

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