Houston is home to a wide array of world religions. The three largest groups of non-Christian adherents are Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus. Though it is difficult to know how many people practice these religions, current estimates state that approximately 175,000 Muslims, 75,000 Buddhists and 60,000 Hindus call the greater Houston area home. Reports vary, but there are at least 94 Muslim mosques, 60 Buddhist temples, and 32 Hindu temples across Houston.

One of the first steps to sharing your faith effectively is understanding the world view of the other person. Here you will find resources that explain the beliefs of these two religions, in addition to other recommendations and resources from reliable experts. To ask questions or schedule a presentation, call UBA Associate Director Josh Ellis @ 713.957.2000.

Map of religious centers around greater Houston 

Islam Resources:

UBA PowerPoint- "Houston, Meet Houston's Muslims"

Resources for understanding and exploring Islam (PDF)

Pew Forum- Mapping the Global Muslim Population (2009) (PDF)


Hinduism Resources:

UBA PowerPoint- "Understanding the Hindu Worldview"


Buddhism Resources:


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